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Nov 10, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023

Circle: From Wounded Girl to Wild Woman. 3E.

  • 83Days

¿Que encontraré?

Inside every woman lives a wounded girl and a Wild Woman who ask to get out. The girl cries, feels angry and, above all, feels abandoned. It dominates our present by making us repeat unconscious patterns that harm us. The Wild Woman moves inside, she wants to get her ancestral power, she feels that she does not fit in this society and is called to be free. The Women's Circle "From Wounded Girl to Wild Woman" is a Tribe of Self-Care and Healing, a place of peace and growth for all those women who feel the need to heal their wounded girl and awaken their wild and natural power in order to to take the reins of their lives and reach the best life purpose: Being Themselves. We will work in an experiential way, with care and affection, the wounds of childhood. And we will walk together to awaken the Wild Woman and activate the Feminine Power. Because you have nothing to learn, only something to remember. It is for you if: You feel that you do not love yourself or that there is something wrong with you: You feel bad, insufficient, little. You fall into relationships of dependency or submission. You are willing to heal your wounds. You need to change your life but you don't know how to do it. You want to lead your life and be an empowered woman. You want to lead a more natural and wild lifestyle. You trust in the power of the group and you are willing to share yourself with other women. You need a safety space and support. You can commit to reserving two hours a week for 3 months.





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