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A holistic and compassionate look at myself.

In this masterclass you will discover a holistic and amplified vision of health in general and mental health in particular. We will understand the causes of many of the symptoms that we have from neuroscience and psychoanalysis and we will learn how internal and external things, present and past, affect us in our day to day.

Suffering is not just a matter of attitude. What happens to us is not only in our mind. In the face of these simplistic and often blaming discourses, YVC positions itself in the paradigm of complexity, broadening our minds and the vision we have of life as a way of letting go of guilt for being the way we are and for suffering the things we suffer.

Before starting and at the end of the video you can ask reflection questions to integrate what you have learned. Grab a pen and paper (or the conscious notebook where you work on your inner world) and let's begin.

With love,
Sara Sarmiento Borge.

CEO of Yo Vivo Consciente, health psychologist and psychoanalyst. Yoga teacher.

Note: I recommend you make yourself a warm drink, have something to eat and be in a quiet place, with candles, incense, oils or whatever you like to be relaxed and focused. Remember to take care of yourself because the moment of watching videos is a very important moment of self-care and self-knowledge.

Before starting:
How do I see myself?
What things do I not like about myself?
How much guilt do I think I have about things that hurt or happen to me? Do I feel guilt or responsibility?
Do I think it's all in my mind?
What is happiness for me?


Masterclass ¿por qué estoy mal? Una mirada holística y compasiva sobre mí misma.

Masterclass ¿por qué estoy mal? Una mirada holística y compasiva sobre mí misma.

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What have I realized in this masterclass?
Can you help me change concepts that I had before? How did these concepts harm or limit me?
How do I see myself after this masterclass?
Do I feel guilt or responsibility for what happens to me? Can I do something with it? I want to do it? The what and how?

*Errata: in the video I say "acquired insecure attachment", it is "acquired secure attachment".

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