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The Wild Woman Moons

Welcome to the moons of the wild woman. In this class you will learn more about how the moon affects women, cyclicity and the astrology of your natal chart. Remember that if you are a member of La Guarida, you can complement it with the cyclical feeding classes of our nutritionist Carlota. You will find them in: Members area, videos: nutrition and body channel.

Desirée leaves you a list of books for those who want to know more:

-Las Lunas: The Memory Shelter of Eugenio Carutti

-Liz Green's Luminaries

-The four phases of the Red Moon by Miranda Gray

la mujer salvaje y sus lunas

la mujer salvaje y sus lunas

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Do you want to go deeper? Look at the gift PDF or Join the course: The 5 Pillars of Astrology(Free Guarida members in its Forest modality).

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