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Emotional Dependence for Perfect Imperfects


Workshop to find out what moves in our unconscious when we fall into relationships of emotional dependency.

I promise you that you will not feel that you are to blame for falling into relationships of dependency

Enjoy the deferred workshop as many times as you want


Self Esteem and Empowerment

A different workshop, where we will work on self-esteem with art therapy and the collective unconscious. We will discover from psychoanalysis why we cannot love ourselves and we will do specific exercises to increase

self love and empower ourselves

May 28, 2020

18:00 Spanish time


Accepting your sensitivity

and vulnerability

Workshop to stop running away and live with our vulnerability. We will see the gifts of being sensitive, how to take care of ourselves and protect ourselves. We will do specific exercises to return to our center when we have become unbalanced

May 21, 2020

18:00 Spanish time

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