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Are you tired of being guilty of everything that happens to you? To hear that if you get angry it's because it's something of yours? Or that if you have depression or cancer it is because you have caused it? Tired of hearing that if you don't lead the life you want it's because you don't try hard enough, or because you don't ask the universe?


In this masterclass you will discover a holistic and amplified vision of health in general and mental health in particular. We will understand the causes of many of the symptoms that we have from neuroscience and psychoanalysis and we will learn how internal and external things, present and past, affect us in our day to day.

Suffering is not just a matter of attitude.What happens to us is not only in our mind. Faced with these simplistic and often blaming discourses,YVC is positioned in the paradigm of complexity, broadening the mind and visionthat we have of life as a way of letting go of guilt for being the way we are and for suffering the things we suffer.

Before starting and at the end of the video you can ask reflection questions to integrate what you have learned.


I'm sure it will help you.


Divulges: Sara Sarmiento.

MASTERCLASS WHY AM I WRONG? A holistic and compassionate look at myself.

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