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 Inner Child: from the Transgenerational Wound to Conscious Upbringing.


In this masterclass we will see the different wounds of childhood and how they were formed, we will do specific exercises to heal them and we will see how to clean our lineage, to cut transgenerational wounds so that they do not pass on to subsequent generations.


Two hours of intense work that will help you at deep levels.


ATTENTION: The masterclass can activate past traumas. Please be careful before doing this masterclass. If something is activated, it indicates things that still need to be worked on. It is recommended to LEAVE or NOT PERFORM the meditations in case of emotional activation and ask for individualized help. It is also recommended to be in individual therapy in case of complex/relational trauma. YVC® is not responsible for the consequences of this masterclass, each person must be responsible for its use and consult a mental health professional before doing it or if anything is activated. If you need help, you can make an individual appointment with our psychologists.

MASTERCLASS INNER GIRL and transgenerational wounds

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