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Within each woman there are two fundamental parts,the wounded girl and the wild woman.Both shout loudly, the first askinghelp and understandingthe second screamsFreedom.


If we don't listen to them, they will scream louder in the form of anxiety, sadness or, most of the time, with the feeling of not fitting in or being broken.

In this little book I want to help you understand where your wounds come from, why you are the way you are, why you fall into relationships of dependency or have the feeling of being weird or dramatic, but above all I want to help youcreate and enhance your personal power (while still being a Perfect Imperfect).


an exercise book100% practicalwhere you will findexercises of compassion, self-knowledge and empowermentthrough thepsychoanalysis, dance, meditation and art.


A place to startheal your wounded girl and wake up your wild womanand your ancient power

Sara Sarmiento BorgeShe is a psychoanalytically oriented health psychologist, yoga and mindfulness teacher. Creator of I Live Conscious and Perfect Imperfect and Co-Founder of the ADAYRA Animal Shelter, where part of the benefits of this Ebook will go. She dedicates her work at the clinic and her outreach to helping people heal theirchildhood wounds, his unconscious and loving himself more.His specialties areperfectionism and the feeling of inferiority, emotional dependency and trauma.

Wild Woman ebook. Heal your Inner Girl and Reconnect with your Ancestral Power

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