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Taller Gratuito: Sanando a La Niña Interior y activando tu Mujer Salvaje

What is this circle?

A circle of women is a sacred and ancestral space for healing. Women have always come together to protect and care for each other. This tradition has been lost with today's stressful life. At YVC we want to recover them for all women who need to get back to basics, for all women who want to heal.

How do I know if it's for me?

This circle is for you if:

  • You feel that you need to heal wounds from the past.

  • You feel that something in your life is not going well, that you need more freedom.

  • You want to feel good about yourself and sure of yourself.

  • You want to deepen your self-knowledge.

  • You need to activate or continue to enhance your personal power.

  • You are willing to dive in and heal the wild, ancient feminine.

  • You want to connect with your healthy, spontaneous and happy inner child.

  • You need a tribe of women, where you are treated with love and respect.

  • You can commit to come to the sessions. They will not be recorded.


The Inner Girl

Inside you there is a wounded girl, it is that part that accumulates all the wounds of the past, reactivating them in the present, making you suffer, feel insecure, of little value... To escape from girls you tend to want to be perfect, demand yourself until you are exhausted, work and think that your worth depends on your achievements, or the shape and weight of your body, or your partner, falling into submissive relationships. But let us tell you something: every time you give up the girl you were, ignore her, try to change her or feel ashamed, you reopen the wound you have, because that is precisely what damaged her.


Does it ring a bell? That means you need to heal the girl.

the wild woman


Since the dawn of humanity, women have  been guardians of the sacred fire of the feminine. They were leaders, shamans, witches and healers of their tribes, being the possessors of knowledge and powers that only they dominated. They were free women and, of course, they were never subjugated, but honored and respected as equals.

But at a bad time this power and this freedom were feared and women were persecuted and condemned to be submissive, silent, bowed down. Feminine power was exterminated and women forgot who they really were...


Or so those who wanted to silence them believed.

The Wild Woman is our inner feminine power and asks to come out.

It is within you, of all women.

If you want to be freer and lead your life, it is because you feel the call deep within you. You feel like you want to be reborn and when it activates, it's unstoppable.

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