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This is how I live consciously

Hello, YVC® is a small women's business founded by Sara Sarmiento, which is more than a company, it is a home and a lifestyle. 


We try to do things differently. We love our work and we want to share our desire to help people and the world in everything we do. 


We do not want an office job that exploits us, but we aspire to build a lifestyle and work according to our values: Minimalist, sustainable, slow.


Therefore, we have decided to do things a little differently.

Such are our values and the world we build.
A world for people. People for the world.

- We work withindefinite collaboration contracts(after a 6 month trial contract to see that we are all happy).

We don't have a scheduleEach person on the team manages their time and agenda according to their needs.

We are feminists and human.If someone has children, we do everything possible to make work the second priority. But not only that, we also apply it to your mental, physical and relational health. Work should not be our first option, but us, our loved ones and our time (always respecting doing a job well done). 

– In fact, related to the two previous points, if we see that we do not reach the delivery date of an internal project,we prefer to modify the date than to burn our collaborators,always without affecting the quality of the service that YVC offers to users, Las Perfectas Imperfectas, compensating in case of canceling an activity, or directly, not promoting a service if we see that it is going to be delayed. Because life is more than work. 

We respect the creativity and expansion needs of all the collaborators of the team:Both YVC and each woman propose topics that they want to work on and together we try to make the proposal come out, as long as it is adapted to topics that interest the women who make up our beautiful community and that there are not too many overlapping activities that violate the principle of minimalism. We try to expand the work of each collaborator, sometimes we succeed and sometimes we don't, but we always try.

We have organizational transparency and encourage participation in decision-making,trying to be horizontal whenever possible and adapt to the criteria of the brand.

We never overwork.We understand that every woman has a life outside of work, so we work according to our interests or projects, without wasting too much time on unnecessary work that only frustrates people.

– We have created acommunity of over thousands of people on both IG and TIKTOK,without being slaves to the algorithm, since that does not go with our values, aligned with what we need at all times.

– In our contracts we have established that the  payment of the collaborators' invoices are established within the  60 days from their arrival in our hands, although we try to pay them in the15 daysafter receiving it.

– All the activities we do are associated with acolaboration contract.

– We try that our physical products follow the premisesRSR: Recycled, Solidarity, Respectful with the environment and the rights of people.

We donate part of the profits(if any) to social causes: dog rescue, environmental protection, adoption of orphaned elephants by poachers, and specifically, child causes and human trafficking.

– Soon we want to implement that payments are made through theethical banking.

- At YVC® we practice and defend a fair and ethical world, where values such as solidarity and respect prevail. Precisely for the common good we understand that each person must take responsibility for their specific actions. The team is always willing to improve and listen to each and every one of the people who come to our services, accepting suggestions and constructive criticism, and is responsible for any mistakes we may make. However, we do not tolerate violence in any of its forms, insults or threats. Any breach of this rule towards another member/patient or towards a woman from the YVC® team (or from the team towards a member/patient) may be cause for immediate expulsion from YVC services._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ The YVC team undertakes to try to mediate before said expulsion, if the objective of respect is not achieved, it will proceed to expel the person who commits the violent act, regardless of its seriousness. Each person must take responsibility for their actions and read the policies of the products they buy, as well as their subjectivity in case they are not satisfied with a product that other people do like or use.

- YVC® reserves the right of admission always for justified reasons.

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