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The Call of the Wild Woman
Face-to-face from October 7 - 9, 2022. Gredos - Spain

There is a moment in the life of every woman who feels that what she knows is no longer worth it. She is tired of suffering, of feeling inferior, different. She is tired of hiding and denying her power to be accepted.

You need to connect to Life, with your body, to enjoy. To Liberty.

Recover lost power, connect with your Wild Ancestral Essence and with Mother Nature.

You need to build your way of living, a unique, minimalist, natural, slow life.

Are you one of those free and wild women? If you have also heard The Call, welcome.

What will you find in our retreat?

Friday afternoon:


  • Arrival and Meetings with all the women.

  • WorkshopsSlow Life, Minimalist & Ecospirituality.

  • Circular Economy Market.

  • Opening ceremony: The call.

  • Yoga classat sunset to activate theFeminine Power and The Goddess Within.



  • Cocoa ceremony.

  • Workshop: We heal, care for and mother ourInner Girl.

  • Ritual in the nature ofConnection, Power & Wild Woman.

  • The Sacred Celebration of the Wild Woman:We will reactivate our power, we will heal our Feminine Lineage and we will connect with our bodily freedom. A true celebration of women.

  • We will dance and do Therapy de  Movementto Reconcile with our Bodies, Art Therapy for Self Love and much more.


Sunday morning:


  • meditationsto connect with our essence, our calm and the safe place that lives in us.

  • nature bathsto reconnect to our animal part.

  • Ancestral closure and farewell.


What makes us different?

We have been helping women to heal and reconnect with their power for years.


We are trained in psychology, psychoanalysis, wild feminine with women of the stature of Jean Shinoda Bolen, as well as meditation, mindfulness, biodance, body therapy and yoga.

And most importantly, we have knowledge of childhood trauma and injuries, so our Retreat is a safe space where you never have to do anything you don't want to.

This Retreat is for you if...

You want to be a wild, powerful woman and leader of your life.


You feel limited by your childhood wounds.


You feel that you need to develop your power.

You want to live connected to Nature and EcoMinimalist and Slow Life.


You would like to live the experience of a respectful and transformative face-to-face retreat.

You want to connect with nature and your natural essence.

You want to stop thinking about the life you want and your inner healing, and take action.


Opiniones de las Mujeres que han pasado por nuestros talleres.

"Aprendí que no estoy sola, que tengo heridas que sanar y que encontrando mi propio ritmo soy mas fuerte de lo que me mostraba". Laura


"Con la ayuda de todas las mujeres tuve el valor de abrazar a mi niña interior y comenzar a sanar, deje de sentir vergüenza y ahora me siento mas segura de quien soy y de mi niña interior." Elena


"Me ha sorprendido mucho que me emocionara tanto con la sesión, y sentirme tan acompañada y sostenida por las mujeres en la distancia" Raquel.

"Me he emocionado mucho con los ejercicios y meditaciones, Sara y Carmen acompañan con humanidad, cercanía y amabilidad que me sentí muy cuidada y en un mundo herido eso cura." Maria


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