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Training for Professionals

¡Hola! Soy Sara Sarmiento, experta en sanar heridas infantiles y conectar con la niña interior. A lo largo de mi trayectoria, he transformado las vidas de las personas con un enfoque profundo y respetuoso, redefiniendo la psicología de una manera que no aprenderás en la universidad.

Mis pacientes describen mi trabajo como "lo mejor de sus vidas", "luz en la oscuridad" y un "antes y después como persona". Ahora, quiero compartir contigo todo mi conocimiento, adquirido a través de cursos, libros y mi valiosa experiencia clínica.


Eleva tu práctica terapéutica a un nuevo nivel con mi curso.

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With subtitles in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese

The most popular course:

  • Train yourself in psychoanalysis in an integrative way: Know the key concepts of this discipline, from its beginnings to the present.

  • 100% online.100% useful for the clinic with patients.

  • 17 video classeswith the most relevant topics for the clinic. It includes written material to accompany the classes.

  • The original audio is Spanish but includessubtitles in Spanish for people with low hearing, as well as in English, Portuguese and Italian.

  • You haveone year to complete all classes.You do them at your own pace.

  • It includesrecorded tutorials,with Sarah and Brianda.

  • possibility of workafter the course, thus being able to form part of the I Live Conscious Team (only psychologists and psychiatrists).

  • We accept students from any country and we have payment systems adapted to their currencies and needs.


Course content

Get started in psychoanalysis integrating the teachings of different schools and authors. You will know key points of this discipline as well as its application in the clinic with your patients.

An accessible course for all levels where you do not need previous experience.

Understandable knowledge on video so you can do the classes at your own pace. You have one year to see all the content and if you want your diploma, you can submit your work up to 6 months after the end of the course.

Among other things, you will learn:


- What is psychoanalysis? Is there only one?
- Introduction to relational psychoanalysis.
- Fundamental concepts in psychoanalysis.

The clinic:

- What is a psychoanalysis session like and what fundamental objectives can we seek?
- What do we do as analysts in session?
- La  Relational Experience.
- How to be a secure base and reach beyond it.
- The facilitator space and good enough mother.
- The maternal and paternal functions.

Understanding the mind of our patients:

- Not everything is attachment: Narcissism and its wounds.
- The Oedipus and its consequences.
- Systems model.
- Psychopathology.
- Deficit and Conflict.
- The fenders.

And much more.

Possibility of split payment adapted to different countries. Discount for full payment.



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