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From the transgenerational wound to conscious parenting

Welcome to the Inner Girl masterclass: from the transgenerational wound to conscious parenting. In this video we will see the different wounds of childhood from the system of complexity: see the inner world from "the extension of the scene", not from simplism.
As Western human beings belonging to the neoliberal system, we want quick, simple solutions, we want to solve things NOW, effortlessly. But this is not possible. The more we simplify reality, the more we complicate our lives. How is this possible? Because we see a single cause and we want to put a magical solution to it, instead of understanding that reality is complex, that there is a good dose of subjectivity and that our history is created by multiple causes. When we work from complexity, we can choose, moment by moment, the best solutions, trying them out, not generalizing them (or yes if necessary), and growing and learning at each step. We can be compassionate and curious about ourselves and our environment, and we can create lifestyles adapted to us, instead of having to fit into predetermined forms that have nothing to do with our wants and needs. And this is why self-knowledge is so important.

This masterclass will help you get to know your mind, your wounded girls, strategies to "befriend" them. In addition, we will work not only from psychological or emotional therapies, but we will also add more energetic parts, gaining knowledge of quantum physics.

We will begin to heal not only the girl, but also the wound carried by the generations of our family, returning their traumas to those who correspond to them, freeing ourselves from the burdens that, for love, we have to bear, for belonging. We will continue to belong to our family (even if we don't like it, that's how it is, which doesn't mean that we have to see them or get along with them), but little by little we will be able to live from freedom.
This second part is very important so as not to transmit these wounds to the following generations.

Finally, we will work on some brushstrokes of conscious parenting.

We want it to help you a lot.

With love,
Sara Sarmiento Borge and Alicia Páramo.

ATTENTION: The masterclass can activate past traumas. Please be careful before doing this masterclass. if something is activated, it indicates things that still need to be worked on. It is recommended to LEAVE or NOT PERFORM the meditations in case of emotional activation and ask for individualized help. It is also recommended to be in individual therapy in case of complex/relational trauma. YVC® is not responsible for the consequences of this masterclass, each person must be responsible for its use and consult a mental health professional before doing it or if anything is activated. If you need help, you can make an individual appointment with our psychologists.

Note: we recommend you make yourself a warm drink, have something to eat and be in a quiet place, with candles, incense, oils or whatever you like to be relaxed and focused. Remember to take care of yourself because the moment of watching videos is a very important moment of self-care and self-knowledge.

Before starting:
How am I? I'm nervous?
What do I think is the inner child?
Do I think there is one or several girls? If there are several, what are they?
Do I have trauma?
(If you are a victim of complex trauma, we recommend a lot of caution in this masterclass. Please make an appointment if something is triggered, if it is triggered it is an alarm for you to go and heal it.
How do I get along with my family? Am I prepared to return the pain I carry for them and their wounds?

If you are a member of La Guarida, we recommend rooting before starting and resorting to meditations to return to calm.


MASTERCLASS: Niña interior y herida transgeneracional

MASTERCLASS: Niña interior y herida transgeneracional

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What have I realized in this masterclass?
Can you help me change concepts that I had before? How did these concepts harm or limit me?
How do I see myself after this masterclass?
Do I feel guilt or responsibility for what happens to me? Can I do something with it? I want to do it?
The what and how?
If you are a member ofthe lair, we recommend doing some meditations to calm down after watching this masterclass.
Remember that you can make an individual appointment at with both Alicia and psychologists from the team.

If you want to continue deepening and expanding your knowledge, you can do so on the channels of*:

Conscious Parenting
inner girl
Wild woman
Meditations, hypnosis, etc.

*These channels are located within the Conscious Den (Tribe and Club Membership members only)


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