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Frequently asked questions Conscious School

Solve all your doubts

How do I know which one is best for me?

  • If you want to improve your life but you have little time, you don't need a tribe and you want us to give youselected content on the 4 spheres with specific and very practical resourcesand as a gift to take the video of the astrological energy of the month, the video of the full moon of the month and the "Conscious Lifestyle" channel,THE MINIMALis for you. Simple and effective, you won't get overwhelmed and you can enjoy it for just 9.99 euros/monthforever.


  • If you like to explore and bet on your personal development, you want to deepen your self-knowledge and meetpeople who support you and interact with the YVC teamand you feel that you are in a moment of creating and healing yourself,THE TRIBEIt's your choice. You will have everything that La Minimal offers but with more videos, live self-care spaces with the YVC team and other users where you can talk about topics that will help you in your life and you will meet people, access to the Conscious Living blog and an exclusive group on Telegram. It also includes thePsychoanalysis Course.

  • If you needeverything that La Tribu offersand you also wantTherapy Programs based on Psychoanalysis and Mindfulness and Live Mindfulness Classeswith Sara Sarmiento and Carmen Quiroga, The Club is for you. Our most complete program and the only opportunity to be with Sara in therapy.



What benefits will it have in my life?

You will enhance your personal development and well-being because:

  • You will work the4 spheresbasics of the Human Being: Mind - Body/emotions - Spirituality and Community

  • You will have specific resources each week where you will findtopicsas varied as: High Sensitivity, Self-esteem, Inner Child, Childhood Wounds and Trauma, Movement and Body Therapy, Meditation, Wild Woman, Nutrition, Microbiota, Chackras, Yoga, Conscious Parenting, Astrology, Playmobil Therapy, Lifestyle, Cosmetics and zero waste household products, and much more.

  • you will have ateamsanitarywho to turn to if necessary. In the Tribe and Club option, meetings are held that you can attend and tell us how you are doing with the material. You build our School.

  • Little by little you will get to know yourself better, you will improve your self-esteem, your relationship with yourself and others, you will manage your emotions better, you will begin to create a lifestyle that is more adapted to you and many more benefits.

What should I do to register?

Select the membership that best suits you, click on it, enter your data and start enjoying all the advantages of being a member.




What happens if I unsubscribe?Can I stop my subscription without unsubscribing?


Any,you can suspend the payment for 3 months or unsubscribe and come back whenever you want.We have no permanence.

At the Club, if you unsubscribe you will have to wait for another therapeutic program to start, since we want to respect the processes of the people who start them.

How do I cancel the membership?

You don't need to notify the team, just cancel the recurring payment from your personal area. Take into account that when you cancel, you lose the offers for life or if you want to return you could find different prices than the one you currently have on your membership.

How can I access the videos?

Simply log in as a user from the page or from the Yo Vivo Consciente app and that's it


What should I do if I can't access the videos?

Send us a message to and we will gladly solve it for you.


Can I upgrade or downgrade membership?

Yes, whenever you want from your user area. We recommend you finish the month of purchase before changing your membership.






Can I use a membership instead of a therapy?

Lhe School was created to become a space full of resources for your life, a complement to psychological or other therapy, since going to multiple wellness professionals (psychologist, nutritionist, gym...)it is almost unfeasible due to the amount of time and money that would have to be invested.Although it does not replace individualized therapy for your specific case, it really isvery therapeutic and can help you and accompany you to a better life.


In addition, in the YES club you will find group therapy where Sara will work with you on many topics from psychoanalysis and mindfulness as well as therapeutic programs with Carmen from mindfulness.


The cost of a single therapy ranges from €60 - €65, so our space is presented as a cheaper complement or alternative, always depending on each particular case.


What will I find inside? How many videos will I have each month?


Depending on the option you choose:


  • La Minimal: Videos (minimum 8 each month) + YVC Magazine + Blog + Exclusive Discounts

  • The Tribe: Videos (minimum 12 each month) + Meetings with other users and the YVC team + Masterclass + Blog + The YVC magazine + Exclusive Discounts

  • Club: Same as La Tribu + Live therapeutic classes and programs.

What themes will the videos have?

Inner child, High Sensitivity, Self-esteem, Trauma, Nutrition, Microbiota, Psychoanalysis, Emotional Regulation, Parenting and Conscious Motherhood, Menstruation, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, Chackras, Spirituality, Astrology, Witchcraft, Wheel of the Year, Moons and rituals, Energy Cleansing, Organization of time, Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Minimalism, Veganism,  Zero Waste Products, etc.





What order do the videos follow?

Not all videos follow an order. Some sections such as High Sensitivity, Trauma, Chackras or the Psychoanalysis Course it is recommended to follow the proposed order, however you will find multiple resources to use in your day to day that you can do separately.



Do I have to see them all?


No. You have many videos at your disposal but not for you to see them all. Can you imagine going to the market and having to try all the products? Or to a clothing store and having to take everything they offer? right? You would take what you feel like or what suits you. At YVC we are minimalists.We offer you a space where you can find multiple resources to adapt to the needs of different people, but you do NOT have to do them all.


How do I interact with the girls?


If you are in La Tribu or El Club, you will be able to interact in the different Zoom meetings, in the forum and you will also have an exclusive Telegram group.


What kinds of things will I have discounts on?


In women's circles, ebooks, face-to-face retreats and many more.



How do I find out what's new?

In the video section there is a news section and apart from that, we send the blog when there is something new (it will arrive in the form of an email to your inbox), and we also send you the YVC magazine.



What are the hours of the club's classes? Do I have to attend all of them? Are the recordings sent if I cannot attend?

We leave you here a link with the schedules. -- >click here.

The recordings are not sent if you cannot attend to respect the good atmosphere that is created in the sessions.

Remember that you have to reserve your place.


What are therapeutic programs? What is the difference between individual mindfulness classes and therapeutic programs?

Therapeutic programs are multi-session programs with a beginning and an end based on group therapy. They are based on psychoanalysis and mindfulness and work on topics such as Self-esteem and Self-love, Demand, envy and criticism, Sensitivity, Compassion, Equanimity, Stress management, among others. It is not necessary to attend all the sessions of the program, although it is recommended.

Mindfulness classes are loose classes where a different theme is worked on per day.

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